Website move done – test operation

I finished moving my website to a new web hosting provider. Next is to let it run for some time to see how stable and reliable the provider is. Aside of this I already enabled some new features. As you may have recognized the site is now available via HTTPS – finally! If you should […]

Pages of my WordPress site are broken

Initially I thought that there is an issue with the 500px plugin I installed and used on “my 500px” page. The page just shows the title and nothing more. Now after playing around with it and also disabling the plugin I recognized that nothing got better. In addition all of my pages show just he […]

Reworking My Website

Since several month I am struggling with the topic where and how to publish photos I took. Finally I decided to move some good shoots onto the portal 500px. In addition I will rework my website here to integrate this content and also to give it a fitting structure and fresh design. I will not […]

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