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I am a little bit shocked. The last article/ new I added to my website is more than a year old. Also in autumn last year I even took for some month the whole site into maintenance mode and was not using my webspace for a long long time. This shall change now and as you can see and read my website is online again and the look and feel is already different. Last year I recognized that my site was running into trouble because of some plugins and other stuff making is sometimes difficult to load and work without errors. Also, I had a lot of WordPress plugins running like  “Akismet Anti-Spam”, “Magic Contact”, some statistic extra and different galleries and utilities to display pictures nicely. I think a the end all of this made the site very bulky and unreliable. In addition to that, I had some issues with the auto-renewal of the “Let’s encrypt” certificate.

old plugins….

Things I did so far is to clean-up the site from old plugins and even plugins I used a long time back or only in rar$ cases. My site is running on WordPress since approximately 2010. So this means if you go back to older articles, it can happen that some images are displayed a little bit strange now or even the images are not displayed anymore at all. I do not plan to fix this, but perhaps I will have a look for an article archive function and then maybe move all of this old stuff into the archive.

the pop-up to inform you about the use up cookies on my website.
the pop-up to inform you about the use up cookies on my website.

25th of May 2018 – a magic day for many companies and people living in the European Union or doing business with people living there… As you can see also I live in the EU and even inside Germany which means my website needs to fulfil GDPR and DSGVO (German Datenschutzgrundverordnung). So deleting some plugins was actually a two-in-a-box: Less messy stuff and also getting rid of tracking and statistics stuff collecting information about users. This means by today my site is pretty much clean in regards to that and you shall not be tracked by a plugin or me;-)

Nevertheless, I also added a page covering the mandatory “privacy policy” and “cookie policy” as well as the pop-up to inform you about the usage of cookies according to the European cookie law.

Shorter URL, final design and new content

Have you recognized it? In the past the address of my website was “” and now it is just “”. In my opinion that is better. My domain name is quite short, so why getting rid of the subdomain www to make it even shorter?!

In regards to the design, I think I will go with a much cleaner design in the future. So perhaps you will see this black and white design made by ThemeGrill for a little bit longer.

Instead of tweaking around there, I plan to concentrate more on new content. One of the first things could be a short article about the backup services I do use and evaluate to have a disaster recovery for all my data. During the last years, I relied here on Crashplan, but the time comes to an end and now I need something new.

Also, I took a lot new marvellous pictures on my travels and my plan is still to release here some pictures in high resolution including short reports of my travels. You can think about this as an extended version to my pictures, shots and galleries I do have on 500px and EyeEM.


So far that’s it for an update. Have fun on my website.


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