Website move done – test operation

I finished moving my website to a new web hosting provider. Next is to let it run for some time to see how stable and reliable the provider is. Aside of this I already enabled some new features. As you may have recognized the site is now available via HTTPS – finally! If you should discover performance issues or errors, please let my know using my contact form or by leaving a comment at the place where the issue appeared.

Currently, my website is running at on their server located in the UK. To keep the risk low I just booked the smallest shared web hosting package and I just had to move the website and database of it. For me this is the first contact with a shared web hosting since the year 2002 (?!). In the time between I ran sites, databases etc. on my own server or later-on on rental (virtual) servers.

Their customers they offer as admin interface cPanel which come quite handy. It is not as flexible as running things on a dedicated server, but very comfortable. So going this compromise is to so far Ok for me.

As already mentioned earlier: Finally my website is available via HTTPS/ SSL using a certificate from Let’s encrypt. Perfect if you just want a normal site using SSL do avoid that it is degraded by Google because of not using HTTPS.

Let’s see what will happen in the next weeks in regards to stability and performance of host4geeks. By today it is a little bit too early to draw a line and come up with a resume.

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