Moving my website – change of hosting provider

After many years of hosting my website at a German specialist for hosting of content management systems, I am going to look for a replacement.
Why I am telling you that is, because in case my website will load in the next days a little bit slow us with error – this will be caused by checking out new providers 😉

The reason for changing the hosting provider is neither the performance nor the price directly.
Since more than 12 months I am looking for an easy option to run my site encrypted using SSL (HTTPS). You may have read about services like Let’s encrypt but even when using traditional (maybe costly SSL certificates) my current provider is very conservative and required one public IP address per SSL certificate per domain.

Finding an choosing a good hosting provider is not as easy as it sounds. In theory, more or less every provider provides what I do need to run my website, also setting up a small server on my own to run it is not difficult (60 minutes and I am done). So it is important to look for details to find a comfortable solution. Technically I do like solutions where a service of the provider takes care of updating the CMS software and handling of certificates, creation of backups and updating main software components and depending configuration files etc..

In addition, a shared solution comes in handy when looking for a very good price.

I am pretty sure I will publish a short news when my site arrived at its finals web hosting provider. I also may add where it ended up and what my experience with the new solution is: pros/cons

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