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Free Online Photography Course by Museum of Modern Arts (MoMa)

As you may know I do like to take some pictures from time to time with my mirror less camera. So far I never took a class our course to learn more about photography most things I learned about it came from reading books and being addicted to technology – So I always wanted to know what can be done with such a camera and equipment.

Since beginning of February there is a very interesting free online course about photography offered by the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMa).

The title is the course is “Seeing Through Photographs” and is focusing on closing the gap between simply taking pictures and understanding the photographs. For a more detailed description have a look on the registration page ( link down below).

The course is design to be done in 6 weeks at which every week a new topic is in focus (e.g. documentary photography). Each chapter contains end with an short “Quiz”.

Just to mention this in advance, the 6 weeks is not really a recommendation only. The system tells you that the chapter is due in xx days. so far I do not know what will happen when not finishing the chapter until the due date, but I am not surprise if it will tell you “You failed the course”.

MoMo photography cource Due Date
MoMo photography cource Due Date

Also to mention: The course if free of charge. In case you want to get a certificate to pin it on to a wall or for adding it to your online profiles (LinkedIn, 500px) you can get this for 45 USD. I my opinion a fair offer.

Here is the link to the registration page: https://www.coursera.org/learn/photography/


Happy studies!

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