Sony Vaio Pro 13 – openSUSE Tumbleweed

In October 2013 I decided to purchase a new computer. I was looking for a nice, fast, light computer which is capable of running multiple hours on battery. At the beginning I looked if I could get a device with some kind of hybrid on-board/dedicated graphic solution.

At this time I saw once one of the new Sony Vaio Pro devices and I really like the device according style, size and features.

After searching the internet for some information about the capabilities of running Linux on it I decided to give it a try.

As usual I do use openSUSE on my devices and since some years I am  running the openSUSE tumbleweed on my workstation.

Because the Sony Vaio Pro has a Intel CPU of the Haswell generation it is required to run at least kernel 3.11 or even better 3.12 to use the power saving and Turboboost functions of the CPU.

The device is very capable of running Linux, but as usual there are some tricky point you need to be aware of to install and run it properly.

My plan is to publish some settings and configuration files I do use in the next weeks to help running openSUSE on it.

The best links I found about operating Linux on it are the following:×21

The article at the Arch Linux Wiki is still maintained and is very very good. Nevertheless not everything can be applied to openSUSE.

At the blog of ELouisYoung you will read that he is not recommending to buy this computer because of the Wifi issue which can not be fixed. Be careful with this advice! I do own a 2013 Sony Vaio Pro and I can confirm that I had heavy Wifi issues when I ran the device for a few days under Windows 8.0 and 8.1. It was more or less not usable even after applying different driver updates.Under Linux with Kernel 3.11 or higher I never had issues with the Wifi. It is really working like a charm. I actually use Wifi a lot at home in combination with a Buffalo router (DD-WRT) and 300MBit/s WLAN => No problems.


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