The transport box of the Toshiba Satellite R630, look at the Euro coins!

Toshiba Satellite R630 and Windows 8

As you may saw by having a look on my previous posts in my blog I do own a Toshiba Satellite R630 which I very similar to the Portege R700/705 and Dynabook R730.

Nearly two weeks ago I decided to update at least my Satellite R630 running Windows 7 since the beginning to Windows 8. Last Saturday I purchase my copy of the final Windows 8 Pro and installed it on my R630. And here the issues appeared….

  1. The update disabled all Toshiba programs which are necessary to support the hardware in the optimal way, e.g. Eco utility, touch pad software etc.
  2. Toshiba does not support running the Satellite R630 / Portgege R700/705 with Windows 8.

What I found out is that in some cases Toshiba software and system software developed for the Satellite  R930  can be used! Only to be correct at the beginning: This does not mean that any driver developed for the R930 will work on the R630. But it looks like that the following software is working (at least in main parts):

  • Intel Chipset SW
  • Bluetooth Stack for Microsoft by Toshiba
  • Intel Display Driver
  • Synaptics touch pad driver
  • Intel Rapid Start Technology Software
  • Toshiba HDD Protection
  • Toshiba Webcam Application

The next three components can be installed, but so far I was not able to find out if it really makes sense:

  • Toshiba Function Key(came up with a message after first reboot and than disappeared)
  • Toshiba Eco utility (came up with a message after first reboot and than disappeared)
  • Toshiba Service Station (does not make sense, because driver updates for Win 8 does not exists)

So what will you get when the working drivers/ system applications are installed? On my R630 I am able to control bluetooth, the display, webcam and the Synaptics touch pad now. The last big thing missing for me is the eco utiliy, but so far I had no chance to check if the default power management of Windows 8 is not satisfying.

In case of any question or a hint you have – use the comment form below.


I just found out that Toshiba offers a “Value Added Pack”. This package does include the Eco Utility for example and many other tools. Here is the link to the tool:

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4 thoughts on “Toshiba Satellite R630 and Windows 8

  1. Hi!

    I’m using the r700 eco utility on my r630 with windows 8 and it works fine. But I rarely use it.

    The only thing that I can’t get to work is the driver that turns off the optical drive.
    It says that it’s off but it ins’t!

    sorry about my english, I’m from Spain.

    1. Hi,
      in the last few days I recognized heavy problems with my wireless card (Broadcom). The issue is that the driver MS includes in Windows 8 is not working properly. Some other guys recommended had the same issue with computers from other brands and the found out that doing a downgrade to an earlier version helps. Therefore I downloaded the Windows 7 (64bit from the Toshibas WLAN Portal) driver an installed it. To be able to install it you need to extract the downloaded .exe file and execute the setup.exe with enabled Windows 7 compatibility mode. But before running the setup make sure to uninstall the driver and card via the Windows device manager.

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